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Roundup: COVID-19 pandemic delivers extraordinary array of cybersecurity...

South Korea to use QR codes for entering 'high-risk areas' to contain COVID-19 The QR codes will be available on Naver's smartphone app.

Best back to school gear under $250

If you can't splurge the $300 to $400 for something like the Samsung Galaxy A50, A51, Moto G7 or iPhone SE, the Moto G7 Power is your best bet for a phone in this price range. It's...

UV light and the coronavirus: Big Ass Fans might have a solution

With the UV lights adding $500 to the already ceiling-high price tag (standard, non-UV models start at about $1,250), they won't come cheap.

7 hand soaps to fight germs, from cheap to luxury

It's available on Dermstore , too, which is a brand founded by a dermatologist, so may be worth the price (especially if you want a plant-based soap that's gentle on skin). Beware of...